For Rent!

Do you want to fly like the wizards from the Harry Potter movies? Then take a ride on our Broomstick Rodeo. Hold on tight and try to stay on the broom as long as possible. Obviously the broom is cursed and will try to knock you off by going a little faster each time. How long can you keep it up?

Our broomstick rodeo is available for various purposes. You can rent it for events, conventions, parties and of course for Harry Potter events in the Netherlands, Europe and England.

Technical data:

Dimensions: 5.2m Wide x 5.8m Long x 3m1 High.

Minimum space required: 7m Wide x 7.5m Long x 3m2 High.

Current: 230 Volt

This attraction is available for Events, Conventies, Birthdays, Parties, Theme Parties, etc. You can request a quote without obligation via the Information & Contact form. Quotation always includes transport, set-up and dismantling and supervision.